Title: Lowland
Writer/director: Yvonne Kerékgyártó
Consultant: Georgina Hegedűs
Producer: Jozsef Berger
associate producer: Lászlo Dreissiger 


Yvonne studied dramaturgy and scriptwriting at the University of Theater and Film Art, Hungary(SZFE) and at HFF, Potsdam, Babelsberg. Finished FREE ENTRY, her debut feature film as director in 2014. (FREE ENTRY is an independent, coming of age drama which was selected to Berlinale Editing Studio in 2013 and later received the “Gamechanger Award” at SXSW in 2015 and the “Best Film award” at Cinema City IFF Fresh Danube section in 2014.)

Developed several projects at MIDPOINT’s and MFI’s script development workshops. In 2015 she participated at the Sarajevo Talents program and in The Film Garage script development workshop. Currently she is in the Jury of the Hungarian FilmFund's mentorprogram for debute fetaure films.

Selected filmography as director:

2015 – Free Entry (fiction, 70 min. hun)
Awards: Gamechanger Award – SXSW 2015, Best No-budet Film – European Film Festival 2015, Best Film prize – Cinema City IFF 2014
Selected to: Philadelphia Film Festival 2015, European Film Festival 2015, Cinema At The Edge 2015, SXSW IFF 2015, Cardiff IFF, 2015, GoEast IFF 2014, CinemaCity IFF 2014, Snowdance IFF 2014, Sottodiciotto IFF 2014
Articles: http://cineuropa.org/ff.aspx?t=ffocus&l=en&did=287066
2013 – Dresscode (fiction, 18 min. hun)
Selected to: Weiterstadt ISFF'14, Friss Hús ISFF'14, Mediawave IFF'14
2011 – Facebook-Molotov (fiction, 6 min., german)
2011 – Pinkwater (fiction, 13 min. hun)
Selected to: Tokyo Short Shorts ISFF '12, Skena up ISFF'12, Mediawave IFF'11, Hungarian Filmweek '11
2009 – You2beGirls (fiction, 17 min.hun)


“Two sisters in fight for life and death at the end of WW2 Hungary…”


In the year of 1944 two Hungarian women and a little girl gets stuck between the German and the Soviet troops. In order to survive the oldest of the two sisters summons an evil Spirit to fulfill her wishes - but in the end, it grows stronger and more malicious than the war itself. LOWLAND is a mystical drama about the everyday battles of women of the countryside fighting – some for survival, some for men.