writer/director: Simon Szabó
consultant: Zita Török
producer: Jozsef Berger
associate producer: Laszlo Dreissiger
status of the project: script-development

Simon Szabó besides being a popular actor he is as well an emerging young Hungarian director.

His previous directorial works include EFA nominated short film The Wall in 2014 or his first ever ‘no-budget’ movie Paper Planes in 2010.


„there are bad children ……who are good”


In the 90ties in Budapest an adolescent boy is at a crossroad: he either agrees to go on with his studies in a faraway school at the countryside offered him as his last chance or he enters the path of crime, which is not about small school pranks but about a path leading to the jail. It makes his decision easier that one of the leading basket-ball clubs of the country is there, at the countryside, and they are happy to welcome the boy who has already proved his talent in street-ball. He gets on a train and heads for a new life: he wants to pull himself together, to finish the school successfully and perhaps to become a real basket-ball player in the club team.

However the temptation towards an easier life soon reaches him when the young local criminals approach the rowdy city-boy. The temptation is strong. But the first love in his life might be able to make a change.