Solo Lobo

Solo Lobo


Title: Solo Lobo
Director: Zoltán Miklósi, Attila Herkó
Producer: Éva Konrád, József Berger, Krisztina Endrényi
Genre: animation
Target: family
Country of origin: Hungary
Lenght: 90min
Used technic: 3D stereo CGI
Language: english


The WildWest? Bandits, indians, gunfights – the way you knew it before. But now meet Solo Lobo. Solo is a bandit of the clumsier kind. He roams the prairie on the back of his trusty mule Mula and tries to rob travelers on his way. Usually with not much luck. One day a puppy becomes part of his loot and changes Solo’s entire life. Suddenly he has all prospects to become a rich man if he returns the puppy to his owner. This task proves to be heavier as it first seems as others wish to set hands on the puppy named Paunch. 

Adventure, action, thrill and lots of fun. A true family movie in a western style.