Albert's life is orderly, he is efficient and punctual in his work, he is always a worker of the month, satisfied with himself. His only problem is that his colleagues haven’t noticed his captivating personality yet. He does his best to help the everyday lives of those around him with his experiences. He draws attention out loud when they’re littering, remarks if there’s a mess on their desk, and doesn’t hesitate to tell his boss how he could work more efficiently. Despite all these helpful deeds, no one calls him to have coffee, he is often left alone in the office and doesn’t understand what’s going wrong. Their resistance equips Albert even more for action, so he resortes to increasingly drastic methods to open his colleagues’ eyes. The most important thing is that everything is perfect. The film shows Albert’s personality development through his peculiar perceptionist worldview, where life is like a huge tetris game.

logline: Albert is a neurotic perfectionist who, with all his might, is ready to helpto his colleagues, even if they don’t want to.

genre: Stop Motion Animation Short

length: Approx. 12 min.

language: English

audience: 12+

status: In development, Seeking Financing

budget: 27.000 EUR

schedule: Anticipated Shoot:2022

creative team: Szandra Pataki Director, Krisztina Endrényi Producer



Supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme