logile: A state-of-the-art, lifelike android purchased by dysfunctional family must save herself when threatened with destruction by her owners.
genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller
length: Approx. 90 min.
language: English
audience: Mature
status: Developed, Seeking Financing
budget: $3.5 million ~ 3 million €
schedule: Anticipated Shoot: Spring 2019
creative team: Gábor Herendi, Director (KINCSEM)
Paul Lenart, Producer (HELLIONS)
József Berger, Producer (ESSENTIAL KILLING)
Matthew Wygodny, Wrtiter


In an alternate present, when you already have everything, you get an android from Simulacrum Robotics. For busy stock trader HARLEY GOULDING (50s) and his publicist wife FAYE (mid-40s), their android, MAIA, makes life easy. She comes fully integrated with the family’s smart-home while also taking care of the kids: college dropout LEX (17) and violent game aficionado, ZACK (13).

Not long after Maia’s purchase Harley, unhappy with his family life, hacks her software to unlock „special kills”. As a side-effect Maia achieves self-consciousness – becomes more lifelike – and quickly tries of the mounting abuse from lecherous Harley, unstable Faye, backstabbing Lex, and sadistic Zack. While Constantly threatened with destruction, Maia’s desire for freedom is born. but the family won’t grant it to her.

Unable to leave the house because of her programming, as a last resort, she locks the Gouldings in the house, lest they would alert the authorities to disassemble her. A thrilling game of cat and mouse unfolds with the family dead-set on Maia’s destruction – and the android determine to overcomethe savage family and get out of the house alive.