Public Works

1888: a luthier, Vedder (Gijs Scholten van Aschat), has to step aside when his home, opposite the recently completed Central Station in Amsterdam, must yield for the planned Victoria Hotel. His cousin Anijs (Jacob Derwig), pharmacist in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands, has gotten into a fix after illegal medical practices, and is looking for a way out. For himself and his wife Martha (Rifka Lodeizen), but also for a colony of poor peat cutters whom he promises a future in the United States. Committed - or is it pride? - the two of them think up a scheme from which they all will fully benefit. With tragic consequences.

{* *}

Title: Public Works
Year: 2015
Director: Joram Lürsen
Producers: Arnold Heslenfeld, Frans van Gestel, Laurette Schillings 
Co-producers: Judith Csernai, Jozsef Berger, Dirk Impens, Joost de Wolf, Hans Everaert 
Script: Frank Ketelaar, Thomas Rosenboom
Cinematogroapher: Mark van Aller
Composer: Merlijn Snitker
Editor: Peter Alderliesten
Prod.Design: Hubert Pouille
Costume: Linda Bogers

Main Cast:
- Gijs Scholten van Aschat
- Jacob Derwig
- Rifka Lodeizen

Language: Dutch
Genre: Drama
Format: Digital 
Produced by: Topkapi Films, Vrijzinnig Radio Omroep, I’m Film, Mythberg Films, Menuet Producties,