The Attempt

The Attempt


script: Balázs Maruszki
co-writer: József Berger
producer: József Berger


Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  (Winston Churchill)

The István Tisza case.

A political thriller.

The centenary is ahead of us. The First World War started as well as ended with a murderous shot.  The latter killed Count István Tisza the prime minister of Hungary when the war broke out. It is not known who stood behind the attempt against the Hungarian politician who was widely blamed for the merciless war by the Hungarian and the European general public.

There is a political thriller behind every unexplored attempt. The aim of the film is to present to the viewers a thrilling version of this crime through the eyes of a detective of the age. Irregularly, the story takes place on the days preceding the attempt.  This way we have the chance to get to know the identity of the perpetrators and also the historically controversial personality of the victim, István Tisza. A political thriller, a historical film noir, a character drama – all these are mingled in ’The Attempt’.